Real Estate and Equipment Auctions

The McLemore Group Auction Services in North Carolina and South Carolina

Auctions are a great way to provide exposure to a property. Just by having the word “Auction” in the marketing materials can accelerate a property into a targeted market’s buyer pool of ready, willing, and able buyers. The auction process is the most aggressive form of Real Estate marketing I know of because it uses multiple types of advertising media like Direct Mail, Internet Sites, Signage, Printed Flyers, Newspapers, targeted Social Media ads, and more. These marketing venues create a deadline, competitive bid environment, and buyer urgency. An auction creates a scenario where the property being offered does not get lost in a sea of property listings. It stands out and, in some cases, will delay the market on competing properties. An Auction is a great way to jumpstart a property for sale.

Some people look at auctions as a last resort or a “fire sale”. In some cases, that’s true. However, a high demand property is the ideal auction candidate. In our market, properties that have any or all the following are good examples of a high demand property. Good visibility, high traffic areas, good open land, and farm land. There’s no good reason to cap or take a wild guess at what a property with these characteristics are worth. The market will decide a property’s value if the Auction for that property is properly conducted and exposed.

One of the most effective ways of selling a large tract is to have a multi-parcel auction. This is where one offers individual tracts that adjoin first, then you add their total bids to arrive at a starting bid for the entire property. It’s a great way to have bidders for smaller tracts compete with bidders for large tracts. This protects the price per acre from dropping because of large acreage.

Auctions can be Absolute or with Reserve. Most Sellers want to have a reserve as a safety net. Most of our auctions are with reserve and have a Buyer’s Premium rather than a seller paid commission. Seller’s are only responsible for the marketing costs. These are actual costs that aren’t marked up. We will provide a marketing summary as a proof of performance prior to auction.

United Country has a team of web designers, copy writers, graphic designers, internet and social media experts, and project managers that work for us on our auctions. We provide a campaign budget for the seller to approve prior to auction campaign. Our marketing team was created for auction marketing and have won national marketing awards.

The Auction Contract is created to protect the Seller. Bidders understand prior to auction that if they are the winning bidder they must put 10% Earnest Money deposit down and close within the time frame allotted in the Terms and Conditions of the Auction which is usually 30-45 days. They are buying the property “As-Is”, with any and all faults, and if they don’t close within the stated timeframe, they are subject to lose their Earnest Money Deposit. They also must complete their own due diligence prior to bidding. The Purchase Contract does not have any conditions other than seller providing the buyer with a clean and marketable title.

Real Estate Auctions

United Country Real Estate and Auction service is the largest auction network in the United States. Matt is a licensed Auctioneer in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Check out our auction calendar for up and coming land, farm, home, commercial and equipment auctions. We offer global marketing campaigns through Enhanced Marketing Solutions for live auctions, online auctions powered by Hi-bid, live auctions with online bidding, and sealed bid auctions.

Auction Services Summary

  1. Aggressive market strategy 
  2. Deadline for competitive bidding
  3. Bids can be made online, live, or both
  4. Terms of Sale predetermined
  5. Contract is solid which limits buyer loopholes 
  6. 10% Earnest Money Deposit from Buyer
  7. 30-45 day close
  8. Buyer’s premium rather than seller paid commission
  9. Seller can have a reserve or minimum for protection